WATCH OVER YOUR HEAD Tuesday 14 August

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Memorise:  Pray for us: for we trust we have a good conscience, in all things willing to live honestly. Hebrews 13:18

Read: 1 Timothy 2:1-4

In 2 Kings 2:14, Elisha smote the River Jordan and asked for the God of Elijah. This is indicative of the fact that even though his master had left the scene, his master’s God was still around since He does not change. On the other hand, that same call was another way of saying: “Thou God of my daddy, I need you now”. For you to call on the God of your spiritual father, it is expected that your spiritual father must have been a man with a link to God. If there is no evidence of a working relationship between God and that man of God, be very careful. Be wary of who you call your father in the Lord because whatever happens to the father will likely happen to the son. Be mindful of who ordains or lays hands on your head, including your hair dresser or barber. Some chant incantations while handling the hair of customers. Some of such who became converted have testified of the evil they do with people’s hair.

The head of a human being is a very important part of the body. Never toy with it! The governments of the world recognise its importance hence they ask you to take a passport photograph as a sure mark of identification, since they know that through a surgical transplant, you could change your heart, liver, kidney, etc., but not your head. This is also why you need to intercede for your head- your husband, father, or pastor because if it is well with the head, it will be well with other parts of the body. But if the head is taken off, other parts of the body will be paralysed. If you pray for your head, you are indirectly praying for yourself. Pray for your leader and it will be well with you. In addition, by his outcry, Elisha was asking God to show Himself now. Although Psalms 46:1 says God is a present help, yet sometimes you may need to cry out to provoke His intervention. This is why I always ask people when they want their miracle. It could be now or later, they are free to decide. By his cry, Elisha also meant that, since he was to do the work of his ministry on the other side of Jordan, what was the essence of the double portion anointing if he could not go over the Jordan. When do you need your miracle? Tell God now.

A wise wife intercedes for her husband daily but a foolish woman leaves her Husband at the mercy of enemies and circumstances.
Bible in one year: 2 Kings 1-3

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