YOUR VOICE SHALL BE HEARD Wednesday 26 October

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “As soon as they hear of me, they shall obey me: the strangers shall submit themselves unto me.” (Psalm 18:44).

READ: Psalm 18:43-45

When Bartimaeus was steps away from his breakthrough, the crowd around him shouted him down. But by the grace of God, he doubled his efforts and cried out the more. He simply told the crowd: ‘If you think you have heard noise you have not heard anything yet’. The reality is that if you need help and send a faint cry in the midst of a crowd, they will want to shut you up. But if your cry is unparalleled, defying the voices of the opposition, there would be a general consensus by the crowd for you to be attended to, at least so that they can have their peace. This season, by the mercy of God, there will be a meeting of the crowd hindering your blessing and their consensus would be that you receive immediate attention.

Another lesson from this story is that while people like to hear their own voices, they do not want others to be heard. They can tolerate their own voices but are intolerant of others. It is therefore the mercy of God that causes your voice to be heard even over that of your oppressors. If Bartimaeus’ voice could be heard, your voice shall be heard. Has oppression caused you to lose your voice? The mercy of God will restore it to you today. Moreover, it is the mercy of God that compels your enemies who never wanted to hear your voice, to pay attention to you. All those who refused to hear your voice shall hear it from today. In your family, where you had no say on crucial issues, from today, your voice is restored. Your voice shall be heard. In those quarters where you cringed in fear, shame and timidity, you shall stand boldly and speak up. Are you a child of destiny? Then nobody can shut you up. Whatever has shut up your mouth is destroyed today in Jesus name. Your tongue is loosed from today! Do you know even at death, your voice can still be heard? After Abel was murdered, his blood spoke. After Dorcas died, her good works spoke and brought her back to life. What good works have you done that can speak for you today? For your voice to be heard in this world, God needs to hear your voice every morning and evening (Psalm 55:19) and let your good works speak for you. Every stranger shall submit to you, in Jesus mighty name.

Father, from today, let my voice be heard!
Bible in One year: Jer. 41-44

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