Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Memorise: For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Psalms 91:11

Read: Psalms 91:10-13

When a child is born, what happen to the child depend on the available support system. Princes and Princesses benefit from the servants of their father. The stronger the support system, the more fortified that child is for success in life. Within our Father’s support system are angels. Psalms 91:10-13 says it is the duty of our Father’s angels to ensure no harm befalls us. The angels as instructed by God therefore, are our personal bodyguards, going with us wherever we go. If the children of kings are going out, they don’t go alone. If they are going to school, they are chauffeur-driven whereas, children of ordinary people trek even through the woods or bush paths unaided. From this day, you shall go on angelic ride in Jesus name.

There is this testimony a brother shared concerning his trip by air. He said while air borne, the first two engines suddenly stopped. The pilot panicked saying that except something reverses that situation, if the third engine follows suite, the plane would crash. Then the third engine also stopped. The whole place was in pandemonium but there was this child of God sitting by the window. He turned to look through the window on his left and saw a huge angel smiling at him and whispering to him that he was carrying the plane. To the surprise of everybody else the plane landed safely an hour later at the nearest airport. The brother saw the three angels there. Nobody could explain how they managed to land except this brother but he said if he told them what happened, they would not believe. In the Bible when Daniel was thrown into the den of lions, an angel went ahead of him and stopped their mouths. Similarly, when Peter was locked up in prison, an angel came to him, woke him up and led him out. This season, you shall receive the full compliments of the support system of your Father in Jesus name.

Father, let the ministering of angels be more real to me and my family from now on.
Bible in one year: Exodus 14-17

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