Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Memorise: And it came to pass, because the midwives feared God, that he made them houses. Exodus 1:21.
Read: Exodus 1:15-21
Over 30 years ago, we received an invitation to attend Kenneth Hagin’s camp meeting in America. My father in the Lord, Pa Akindayomi was to go with me and four others but we could not secure accommodation and we knew nobody there. While we were wondering whether to go or not, l said, “If Jesus has gone to prepare mansions for us in Heaven, it will not be too difficult for Him to provide us a room in America”. So we set off on our journey. As we arrived at the airport, one of my friends was at the corner phoning some hotels about 30 kilometers away, but they were all fully booked. After a while, I asked him why he was calling distant hotels when we could not afford the cost of transportation to such locations. I insisted he called up hotel closest to the venue of the programme. He looked at me as if l was crazy. Then he asked me, “If those distant hotels are fully booked what would you expect of the ones that are close to the venue?” Yet l insisted he called for one room for missionaries from Africa and as he did, two rooms were provided. On reaching there, l asked the man in charge, “Are you really sure you cannot give us an additional room? “ I did not want papa to stay in the same room with us. And we got the third room.
Because your father has mansions in Heaven, He will give you a house. Are you trusting God for a roof over your head? A decent one is coming your way now. There is a user of this Devotional who has been wondering when he can have enough to afford a land. God is not only going to give you a land but also a house. As the Lord fulfils this, go and give Him thanks in church and share your testimony with others. Have you started building but you have been going at snail’s pace, and you have been wondering when you will finish the house? Or do you have an abandoned building project? In the name of Jesus every siege over your finances and over that building project is destroyed. I command divine speed in completing that project now! God will build you houses like He did to the midwives because they feared God at the risk of their lives. Do you!
Every building project l have laid my hands on, be completed with speed in Jesus name.
Bible in one year: Galatians 1-3

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