GOD THE BELLY Tuesday 24 April

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Memorise: Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. Philippians 3:19

Read: Philippians 3:17-19

Apart from impure thoughts, another area you should exert your authority over is cravings of the body. As Christians, there should be nothing your body desires that you cannot do without. When you find yourself getting seriously attached to an earthly thing, so much so that it’s almost becoming an obsession, then it’s time to fast off such a thing. Philippians 3:19 speaks of some people who are so carried away by the cravings of their body that they have began to worship it. Is your belly your God? For some people, it is. If you cannot fast because you do not want to skip one or more meals, watch it! Your belly is becoming your God. Some people are so used to food that except they are sleeping, you will find them eating something. This has made many obese leading to health problems and several complications. An African proverb says: “There is no idol like the belly because everyday, it receives sacrifice”. Don’t allow the food you eat to form a wall of partition between you and God.

Another craving you should watch is the love for sleep. If you cannot pray at night because of the way you are feeling in your body, watch it, it is becoming your God. Sometimes the feelings in our body serve as the voice of the flesh. If there is one thing you must understand about God, it is the fact that He does not strive with what contends with His place in your heart. Hence, He says you cannot serve God and mammon (Luke 16:13). So also, you cannot serve God and food. Today, many people have gone into the ministry or established a church as inspired by their bellies, not the Holy Spirit. Who do you think will direct such a church? The Holy Spirit? No! Their Bellies of course! The Holy Spirit will not preside over a church He did not inspire its establishment; and you cannot bribe or put a wool over His eyes either. Is your ministry of God the Holy Spirit or god the belly?

Take a fast on any craving your body cannot do without.
Bible in one year: Acts 3-5

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