Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Memorise: And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ. Philippians 4:7
Read: Philippians 4:7-8
The greatest battles of life occur in the heart. If you are not defeated in your heart, it will be pretty difficult for any external enemy to defeat you. Why? If your heart is pure, God will easily fill that heart and be with you. As a result, any battle that comes your way will have the One on your inside to contend with. But when you are controlled by impure thoughts, God is at the sideline, leaving demons to have a field day (Acts 5:3). To be triumphant over your thoughts, be very cautious about the kind of thought you permit henceforth. Say No to any thought that does not pass the test of Philippians 4:8. If an idea accommodates any iota of lie or dishonesty, don’t dwell on it. If it is impure or unjust, reject it vehemently. If it is not good or cannot glorify God, reject it. If it is a thought that could cause shame were your heart exposed for all to see, shun it. If it is a thought that would feed the lust of the flesh, reject it.
Usually, all manner of thought would visit your heart. In the spirit realm, the satanic kingdom projects billions of evil thoughts which move as darts through the atmosphere. When it hits you, you have the power to say “No! l reject you in the name of Jesus”, then quote a scripture that counters the intent of that thought just as the Lord Jesus did when he was tempted. This is why you must fill your mind with the Word. There is a word for every dart of evil thought thrown at you from the pit of hell but you’ve got to search them out, know them and assert the power in them. Never open the door of your heart to evil thought because within a short while, they will grow and land you in trouble. Evil thought should not have dominion over you. In addition, if there is a place or activity which births evil thought in you, cut it off. Cut off from evil friends particularly unbelievers. Keep a safe distance from so- called believers who try to influence you into evil. If television programmes are affecting you negatively, cut off from them or watch them selectively. If you cannot resist surfing occultism or pornographic sites, or site sponsored by false prophets etc; avoid the internet for a while or use it in an environment of accountability while you build up the character of your inner man. Spend more time with the Word and think on it. Also pray and fast to bring your flesh under subjection of your spirit.
Control over your thoughts and imaginations are the way to assert your Christ given victory over the flesh.
Bible in one year: Isaiah 7-9

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