NO VACUUM Sunday 26 February

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Memorise: But the Spirit of the LORD departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the LORD troubled him. 1 Samuel 16:14

Read: Luke 11:24-26

God calls and He recalls. It is however better never to have been called or ordained by God, than to be recalled after being called. Why? When the One who called you withdraws from you, a vacuum is left behind and we know that nature abhors vacuum. So when He leaves, something else will fill that space. When you turn out the lights, darkness needs no invitation to take over. When the Spirit of God departed from King Saul, immediately an evil spirit stepped in (1 Samuel 16:14). While God was with Samson, nobody could withstand him. He remained a champion. But as soon as God withdrew, he became a weak fellow and his enemies removed his eyes and got him to start grinding corn for them, turning him into a laughing stock. As long as God is with you, demons will stay away and keep a safe distance from you, but the moment you break your link with God, they will see it and return seeking vengeance. Are you toying with sin? Repent and stabilize your faith in Christ so that you do not provoke the unwanted in your life.

God’s call is a call to rest and peace (Matthew 11:28-30). If there is anyone who sincerely desires to take away your heavy burdens, it is the Lord. Some people consider ministry a burden. No! It is an easy yoke. It is a light burden. Why? It is because the One who gives you the task is also there to supply all you need to perform it, as well as help you carry it. If you have this understanding, you will never fail or fall in ministry. If you leave Jesus, Satan will bring back his former load and add much more to it, to a point that it will be difficult to lift your head. Are you burdened by the devil? I command every satanic load on you to be lifted today! Receive your deliverance but stay in Christ. Accept His love and peace and stay there. Obey His Word and closely watch your link with Him ensuring that it does not disconnect.

Lord, any vacuum in my heart that is yet to be occupied by Jesus, let it be completely filled by Him today. Thank God for past Special Holy Ghost services. Pray for a mighty move of God’s power at this year’s Special Holy Ghost service.
Bible in one year: Deuteronomy 23-25

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