Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Memorise: When he was come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed him. Matthew 8:1

Read: Matthew 8:1-4

From the gospels we understand that our Lord Jesus Christ habitually went to the mountain to seek the face of His Father and to fellowship with Him. Whenever He went to meet His Father, He recharged His spiritual battery and by the time He descended, He came with solutions for all and sundry. In the instance cited in our Bible reading, when He descended, great multitudes followed Him. One revelation from this is that, mountain top experience is a prerequisite for great followership. Many pastors and church founders love to have large crowds but how many of them pay the price by staying regularly with Him in His presence? It is either you spend more time in the presence of your Caller and Divine Employer so that He connects you with those who would be under your fold, or you will get the crowd by going to the devil to enchant people. Unfortunately, some people say they are leaders of God’s church yet they do charms or take specially prepared anointing oils and soaps from the pit of hell to manipulate God’s people. Others bury live cows in the premises of their church so that the number of maggots that it breeds becomes the number of followership they will get. Some even do charms for their members never to leave their churches. All such leaders are in Satan’s employ. If you are tied down by such satanic ministers, receive your deliverance today in Jesus name!

If great crowds always followed Jesus and He lives in you, then you can be rest assured that all you need is to let Him increase inside of you and the crowd will come. Do you know that as you spend time in God’s presence, the Lord will dispatch angels to bring people to you? Some years ago, a particular policeman shared how the Lord sent a number of people to ask him where he lived. He never knew them neither did they know him before then. But he was one brother who walked close with God. People heard a voice telling them to go to his apartment in the barracks and to specifically ask for him. As they heeded the voice and traced him, he prayed with them and God solved their problems. As you spend more time in God’s presence, He will send more people to you. The secret of the crowd is with Jesus. Follow His example today.

Father, as I spend more time in Your presence, let angels take over the publicity of my house fellowship, church business, skills and gifting.
Bible in one year: 2 Samuel 22-24

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