LOST IN THE CROWD? Wednesday 5 October

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment.” (Mark 5:27).

READ: Mark 5:25-34

The mercy of God can force God to abandon all other routes for a particular one, just so that you can be favoured. God’s favour can also give direction to His feet until the candidate for favour is found. This season, wherever you are located, the mercy of God will cause you to be found and favoured in Jesus name.

Another lesson from the story of Bartimaeus recorded in Mark 10:46-52 is that with the mercy of God on your side, you cannot be lost in a crowd. On several occasions, during the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, crowds were a hindrance. Many people who needed a miracle came to Jesus, but on seeing the crowd, gave up hope. Some made a little effort then gave up when they met with some resistance. These are the many who remained unrecorded in the annals of Scripture. Some people, though, came up with desperate faith, accompanied by action, and got their heart desire. The woman with the issue of blood for instance, pressed through the crowd. She probably had to shove some people, and wiggle through the legs of others. Some people would have called her names, or even rebuked her sternly. Whatever the case, she refused to stop until she touched the Master’s clothes. Her desire for a miracle was her motivation!

Another case was that of the paralytic whose friends broke protocol and literarily broke down a roof to get him a miracle (Mark 2:1-12). They took him to where Jesus was, but they could not reach Him because of the crowd. They were so close to the Lord yet so far from reaching their miracle. When the crowd refused to give way, they decided to take a desperate step. Climbing and breaking through the roof, they lowered their sick friend into the house where the Lord was. The mercy of God is so powerful that no matter how thick the crowd is, it will beam heaven’s searchlight on the favoured. Many people have lost and some are losing their miracles to crowds. This season, mercy will cause Heaven to single you out for a blessing. In the midst of thousands or millions competing for a common opportunity, mercy will single you out. You shall be singled out for promotion. You shall be singled out for uncommon favour. You shall be singled out for unprecedented breakthrough this season.

Father, in any way I have been lost in the crowd, let Your mercy locate me for favour today.
Bible in One year: Gen 43:46

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