Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” (Matt. 7:18).

READ: Matthew 7:15-20

Good works are a manifestation of the anointing of God. If you are truly anointed of God, it will show in the frequency of good deeds emanating from you. If Matthew 5:14-16 is anything to go by, it gives us a veritable link between three variables: the shine of a believer, his or her good works, and glorifying the Father. Anything you do that compels men to offer true praise to God is a good work. As long as it is done by a believer in Christ, with the right motives, and in obedience to God’s instructions, it will elicit Heaven’s reward. A true mark of a disciple of Christ is the desire for God to be glorified in all his or her deeds, speech or conduct. Your life is supposed to point people to your Father. Can they see Christ in you?

It is possible to identify a believer by his or her conduct. A little child ran home in excitement one Sunday morning telling the mother that he has seen Jesus. “How do you know its Jesus you saw?” the mother asked. “He saw my loosed shoes, bent down and laced them for me”, he replied. “OK, can you describe him for me?” she asked. By the time he was through, it was obvious that it was their pastor. Do you have time to knot the tie, wipe the sweat or take off the sand on your children? Little things like that could make great impressions on the minds of these little ones. And adults too! I once travelled to America; as soon as I arrived at the airport, I was conveyed to the church where I was to preach. I kept going from one place to another such that I could not rest except on board a plane. As I took my seat on board the plane, I find myself sitting next to an old woman who had never travelled by air. Since I knew starting a conversation with an old woman will cost me my rest, I decided not to say a word. When she greeted me, I smiled without a word. When we were asked to place our luggage in the upper-compartment, she did not understand what to do, so I helped her. When they announced that we should fasten our belts, she was also at a loss, so I helped her. She thanked me and I smiled. When it was time to eat, she did not know how to release her table from back of the seat in front of her, so I helped her. She thanked me and I smiled. Before we landed, I assisted her again and then she said, “You must be a pastor”. I said “Yes, ma” and she screamed, “I knew it”. Can you be identified as a believer without saying a word?

Pray that believers in your nation will bear fruits of righteousness that will make unbelievers identify them as the lights of the world.
Bible in One year: Rev. 7-9

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