A NICOLAITANE? Friday 2 September

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes, which thing I hate.” (Rev. 2:15)

READ: Rev. 2:14-16

Closely allied to the doctrine of Balaam is the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes. The Nicolaitanes were the followers of a heretic, Nicolas, who saw nothing wrong with a man sleeping with other people’s wives. He also believed there was nothing wrong with eating meals sacrificed to idols. Like the Libertines, he believed that people should be free. As a result of such heresies, many were deceived. The Nicolaitanes found it difficult to embrace the higher standards of the Bible, so they compromised and adopted their self-styled human standards. In Revelation 2:15, the Lord, without mincing words, said He hates the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes. They were among the believers in the church at Pergamos. Did such practices end in the days of John the Beloved? No! Are there not churches today that promote promiscuity among the youths? When their youths gather for so-called fellowship meetings at night on campus, thereafter, they organize sex orgies under trees and on the field at twilight. Are these not Nicolaitanes reborn? Some churches are not different from brothels going by their mode of dressing – indecent exposure of sensitive parts of the body, as well as the level of freedom permitted between the sexes.

In efforts to grow their membership, some churches adopt worldly strategies such as sending pretty ladies who are semi-naked or clad with micro minis, spaghetti tops, perforated wear, etc., to the rich in society to bring them to church. Some of them deliberately retain such ladies as ushers so as to fan the embers of lust in members. If you have in anyway used such satanic techniques, you are a Nicolaitanes! One thing is sure about the end of the Nicolaitanes: The Lord Jesus Christ will be the One to personally fight against and defeat them. Are you a pastor’s wife but still trying to show that you are available by your dressing? You are a Nicolaitanes! Sister, if your mode of dressing is stirring up lust in the hearts of the opposite sex, you are a Nicolaitanes. Any leader who cannot teach or preach against fornication, adultery, homosexuality, lesbianism, pornography, bestiality, masturbation, etc, is governed by the spirit of the Nicolaitanes. Any leader, who lures his or her member into immoral act is simply manifesting the spirit of Nicolaitanes.

Ask God to uproot the spirit of the Nicolaitanes operating in the church.

Bible in One year: 1 Sam. 25-28

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