BARTIMAEUS AND MERCY Wednesday 28 September

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.” (Ps. 25:10).

READ: Mark 10: 46-52

God is rich in mercy. Psalm 89:14 says mercy and truth go before God. All of God’s paths and activities are interlaced with mercy, especially to believers (Ps. 25:10). One Bible character in whom we can see God’s mercy in operation virtually every step of the way, is erst while blind Bartimaeus. The first thing we learn from this story is that mercy can compel God to abandon all other routes and locations in order to bless an individual. In this regard, mercy gives God direction and helps Him to choose the route to take from time to time. According to the story, the Lord Jesus Christ entered Jericho and soon left. Nothing miraculous was done there. Now, one thing you must know about God is that He is a God of purpose. He never does anything without a reason and purpose. So, why would He go to Jericho for nothing? He was there because mercy had located a blind beggar on the highway from Jericho. In the name of Jesus, mercy will direct the steps of Jesus to take your route for a divine visitation this season.

Another lesson here is that God knows your location. Mercy moves God to locate the favoured. Mercy prompted the Lord and He travelled to Jericho. He began to search for the candidate of mercy but could not find him in the city. So the Lord left there and continued to search for the candidate of His mercy until he was found. God’s mercy will compel Heaven to search for you. You may not be in the city. You may not be in the town or village you were supposed to be. You may even not be in the country. Wherever you are, the mercy of God will direct His feet to you. Are you in the dungeon or pit akin to the one Joseph found himself in? The mercy of God that traced him there and brought him out, shall trace you and bring you out of that pit. Are you covered by darkness? The mercy of God will cause God to locate and bring you out. Wherever the enemies have buried your star, the mercy of God will move God there and exhume it.

There is no hiding from God’s mercy. Contractors who collected money but fail to execute the contract will pay for it in many ways! If you are one, immediately go and restitute before it’s too late!
Bible in One year: Ezra 1-4

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