THE RICH AND THE WEALTHY Wednesday 24 August

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place.” (Ps. 66:12).

READ: Genesis 26:12-14

In the spectrum of wealth, you have the poor, survivors and the comfortable. As unpleasant as these categories may sound, the bulk of the people fall within these classes. If you are in any of these, the Lord will take you up to far better levels this year.

A step above the level of comfort is the category of the rich. In Genesis 24:34-35, when Abraham’s servant was speaking of his master, he said God has blessed him to the point of being rich in silver, gold, cattle, etc. Who are the rich? Let me define this by sharing this testimony. I have a friend and we normally travel abroad together. When we go shopping, while I am looking for items “reduced to clear” or discounted items, he would push his cart towards anything that appealed to him. One day, after observing him, I remarked to him that he had not checked the prices on the items he bought. He replied that there was no need for that. That is what I call being rich. If you have never tasted this level, the Lord will cause you to experience it this year.

Another level slightly higher than the category of the rich is the class of the wealthy. Ecclesiastes 6:2 says they are those who lack nothing. An example of this is Isaac. In Genesis 26:12-14, Isaac sowed and reaped in hundred folds to the extent of becoming the envy of a nation. Let me give an example of the wealthy. I had an uncle who is now of blessed memory. He was a wealthy man at a time the Nigerian naira was almost equivalent in value to the British pound. If you went to him request for a thousand naira, he would tell you he did not have it. If you informed him of a project you needed to do which would cost ten thousand naira, he would tell you he had no money. But if you told him you were in need of 100,000 naira, his interest would be kindled. He would tell you, ‘It’s now you are talking. How could you insult me by asking for such a paltry sums?’ One day, the principal of a school intimated him of their need for a school hall. He simply asked: “Is that all?” Then he asked if they had a house for boys, a house for girls, and a house for the principal himself. The man said “No”. So he told him to add these to his request and he provided for them. The Lord will take you to the level of the wealthy where, when people ask you for one thing, they will get at least 10.

Father, in all our parishes worldwide, raise wealthy brethren who will be happy to build your church.

Bible in One year: Rev. 13-15

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