Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD.” (Lamentations 3:26).

READ: Acts 3:1-11

One thing we learn from John 17:10 is never to give up on our prayers. At the time the Lord prayed for the apostles, they were yet to be stabilized. Not long after the prayer, Peter, who had earlier pledged his undying support to the Lord, denied Him. The rest forsook Him. In spite of these developments that made Christ’s prayer appear ineffective, the Lord never gave up on them. If you consider their lives and ministries in later years, you would be amazed at their successes. Take for instance, Peter. He who had earlier chickened out before a maid, later boldly declared Jesus before the religious Jews of his day. After the descent of the Holy Spirit, one sermon he gave delivered 3000 souls to God’s Kingdom. God was glorified! On another day, another sermon from him brought 5000 converts into God’s kingdom. The Lord was glorified. A third sermon brought in multitudes. Every good prayer you have persistently made concerning your children, wards, church members and ministry shall come to pass. Never give up on your prayers.

In Acts 3:1-11, Peter and John were going to the church one day when they passed by a lame beggar. That encounter brought healing to the man and the Lord was glorified. In your life, God shall be glorified. Do you know that at a particular time, the disciples were publicly beaten and they took it in good faith? They did not cry or run away like they did after the Lord’s arrest. They did not deny Him like Peter did earlier. Their boldness came from Heaven to the amazement of their prosecutors. And God was glorified. No matter how hopeless your spiritual state appears today, you shall glorify the Lord. People will look at your life and give glory to God. Do you consider yourself limited and irrelevant in God’s scheme? The tide shall turn. Soon, you will become very relevant. Soon, your consent or involvement will be sought before any major thing is done for the Lord. The same men who were so undependable in the days Jesus was physically present with them, became great vessels of honour and glorification after the Lord ascended. Those church members that have become like perpetual babies today shall be pillars of tomorrow. Never give up on them. Continue to pray for them.

Some prayer requests may be answered today, some tomorrow. Some others may take years. Keep on praying until you receive your answers. Pray until your joy be full.

Bible in One year: SoS. 4-6

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