JUMPING THE GUN? Friday 26 August

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” (James 1:4).

READ: Exodus 2:11-15

There is an appropriate time to be favoured. Very early in life, Moses knew that he was born to be some kind of deliverer, although the exact nature of deliverance was not clear to him. When God has a special plan for your life, He will cause you to know it one way or another. Sometimes, it may be through strong convictions or compassions He puts in you. This is why you do not always need a prophet to tell you the mind of God.

After waiting for his fortieth birthday, Moses felt the time had come to commence his deliverance ministry. At this time, he was very certain God wanted to use him as a deliverer. However, though he was ready, God was not. His timing was different from God’s. By the time he stepped into ministry ahead of God, he got into trouble, which kept him in exile for 40 years at the backside of the desert. When you become impatient with God’s timing and decide to go ahead without Him, it will set you back. No child of God can make true progress without God. Like Moses, many believers who have God’s call on their lives fail to wait for God’s timing. And in the process, they waste God’s time, their time, and other resources. For things to be right, however, God’s call must be carried out at His time.

God is never late with regards to calling His children. If you are convinced of His purpose for your life, the next thing to do is to prayerfully wait for Heaven’s appointed time. You cannot hasten God to start something before Heaven’s appointed time. When Moses’ time of favour came, he did not miss it. He saw an incredible sight in a burning bush. Also, in Exodus 3:1-15, God caused him to witness some miracles in quick succession in order to convince him beyond reasonable doubt that his time had come. When your time of favour comes, you will know. God can cause miraculous events to happen to you such that people around you will know that you are experiencing unusual favour. Are you a child of destiny? Are you sure God has a plan for your life? Have you confirmed the exact assignment God has for you? Have you waited for the right time to embark on it? Or have you, like Moses, jumped the gun? Retrace your steps today!

Many are going prematurely into ministry and therefore encountering problems and shameful experiences that could have been avoided. Father, help me understand my calling and your timing

Bible in One year: Rev. 19-22

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