FLOURISH, YOU WILL Wednesday 31 August

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “In his days shall the righteous flourish; and abundance of peace so long as the moon endureth.” (Psalm 72:7).

READ: Psalm 72:6-7

A step above the class of the wealthy is the level of the flourishing. An example of a Bible character who operated on that level was Solomon. In 2 Chronicles 1:15-16, it is on record that in the days of king Solomon, silver and gold were like common stones. He insisted that only gold must be brought into his treasure house. What a mass of financial and material abundance he commanded! It is those on the level of the flourishing that can lend to nations. When their home country or other countries find it difficult to balance their budget, they would seek out the assistance of the flourishing. The Lord will give you such a financial and material elevation so that you will begin to lend to nations.

Sometime ago, a very wealthy friend of mine invited me to hold a Bible study in his house. He invited people of his calibre. But somehow, there was this young man in that meeting, who most likely would have sneaked into that meeting because he was only a rich man. He had only 10 petrol (gas) stations. After I had finished teaching, he met me and told me he was so blessed and wanted to give me a gift. He gave me 10,000 dollars and I blessed him and said, “It will be more next time”. He said ‘Amen’ and left. The following year, I was again invited by my friends to the same place, and the young man was also in attendance. After teaching, he came to tell me that after his gift and my prayer the previous year, God blessed him, adding that his fuel (gas) stations had increased to 110. Then he gave me another gift. As I received the gift, I said, “It will be more next time”. His ‘Amen’ was resounding one. Today, he has several businesses and petrol (gas) stations in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. If God can do so for this brother, He can do much more for you. One thing we learn from David’s prayer for Solomon recorded in Psalm 72 is that prayer and righteousness are great building blocks in the life of the one who wants to flourish. God answered David’s prayer concerning his son and he flourished. You need to pray and desire to flourish. Also, you cannot live in sin or cut corners and expect God to prosper you. There must be total separation from sin. You shall flourish like the palm tree!

Father, remove every hindrance and cause me to flourish like the palm tree in Jesus name.

Bible in One year: 1 John 3-5

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