Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “And the Egyptians were urgent upon the people, that they might send them out of the l in haste; for they said, We be all dead men.” (Exodus 12:33)

READ: Exodus 12:31-33

Apart from rising against pain, sicknesses and diseases, when God asked the Israelites to eat the Passover meal, it was meant to move Him to arise against retardation and stagnation. If there were people who knew what it felt like to be on the same spot, it was the Israelites. Today, some people have been on the same level in the office for four to five years. How do you feel when your contemporaries are elevated to the next level while you are left behind? Now imagine being on a spot for over 400 years! For that whole period, the Israelites were tied down by forces they could not challenge. They recorded no form of movement. They kept working as slaves but could not move forward or upwards. At best, they wandered about in circles. They remained on the same spot physically, financially and mentally. They remained underdogs for centuries. But when God was to arise and break their yoke of stagnation, He asked them to eat the uncommon meal. They ate and the next minute, they experienced the greatest movement of their lives! They moved forward physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

Have you been on the same spot for long? Has it been all motion but no movement? Has your lineage experienced an invisible ceiling over the progress of members of your family? The situation of stagnation shall be broken today in Jesus name. What members of your family could not achieve in previous generations shall be achieved by you. As you take the next Holy Communion, release your faith and the siege over your progress shall be destroyed. If you eat the uncommon meal in retardation, sooner than you expect, you shall be eating in promotion. That promotion that was denied you for years shall be delivered to you on a platter of gold as you partake of the uncommon meal this season. Never take the Holy Communion unworthily because it is no ordinary meal. It is a meal that can change the lives and destinies of the eaters. In every life, there is a night that ends all sorrows. Tonight, the Lord will terminate your sorrow in Jesus name.

When your turning point comes, the enemies who refused to release you for several years will be unable to endure your presence for one second.

Bible in One year: Psa. 94-96


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