SUDDEN TURN-AROUND Wednesday 13 July

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.” (Ps. 126:1).

READ: 2 Kings 7:1-8

In 2 Kings 6:24-31, Samaria was besieged by the Syrian army and so they could not access fresh food supplies. When the food they had was exhausted, there was no way of bringing in more. As a result, the famine was rife to the point that the Israelites began to eat unclean animals and to practice cannibalism – eating fellow human beings. But when God decided to intervene in 2 Kings 7:1-20, nothing could stop Him.

Compared with other famines, it is obvious that there are different levels of famines. Some are more grievous than others. However, from this account, we learn that no matter how terrible a famine situation is, it can be reversed within 24 hours. A song writer says, “It’s always darkest before the dawn”. True. When a situation gets to unbelievable levels of severity, know that turn-around is just around the corner. Our God can turn around any famine situation. Are you going through a famine? The Lord will turn it around suddenly. You shall go to bed and by the time you awake, the famine is no more. That famine you are experiencing shall end suddenly. You will look for its signs but there will be none.

In addition, we see that the words of prophecy preceded the turn-around. This is why we should not underestimate prophetic utterances from bona fide prophets of God. Usually, God’s word of prophecy goes ahead of what God intends to do. Unfortunately, when the word of prophesy that should reverse the famine of some believers is released in a church meeting, they are not there to receive it. When you miss your word of deliverance, it is most likely that you will continue in that negative situation. Do you know that for this reason, some people have repeatedly missed their turn-around, yet, they blame God for not answering their prayers. This is why you must not forsake the gathering of Gods people. Furthermore, God used four lepers to terminate famine in Samaria. You can never tell who God will use to terminate that famine you are experiencing. He can use those you consider useless. Nobody is useless in God’s hands. This season, the Lord will turn around your famine situation.

Thank God for adding another year to Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye. Ask God for uncommon grace for uncommon success in all her assignments.

Bible in One year: Jer. 9-12

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