NOT BY POWER Saturday 18 June

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “Then he answered and spake unto me, saying, This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit saith the LORD of hosts.” (Zech. 4:6).

READ: Zechariah. 4:5-8

God has revealed Himself to mankind through the person of His Son, Jesus Christ. But He did not end there. He did that so that He can also use ordinary people like you and me. When you consider this, you will find that it borders on destiny. For instance, why did God send Joseph to the world? It was just to reveal His faithfulness through his life – that He keeps His promises. That is a powerful revelation! Similarly, all God wanted to show the world in the life of Samson was His power (Judges 15:11-15). He wanted to tell the world that if He could get a human vessel to hold the jaw bone of an ass, He could level a thousand soldiers. God is still looking for weak and foolish things of the earth to manifest His strength and wisdom (1 Cor. 1:26-29). Can He use you to show forth His power? If you really want Him to do so, then you must be ready to become a fool in His hands. You must be ready to carry out every instruction He gives, even if they appear foolish. Another person who demonstrated God’s power was David. It took the power of God in this youngster to kill a giant that a whole army quaked before (1 Sam. 17:45-47).

Furthermore, God may want to use an individual to show the world that success is attainable through the name of the Lord. A particular brother went through Bible College. He was not brilliant but rather adjudged the dullest in class. Somehow, he managed to obtain his certificate and left for Europe. As a pastor, he had just one sermon and his text was always Hebrew 13:8. Every Sunday, he would cite that text and sometimes, his congregation would recite it. Thereafter, he would speak about a leper who met Jesus and got healed. After that, he would invite the sick to the altar and many would be healed. The following Sunday, after citing the same text, he would talk of how Peter got a breakthrough in his fishing business. Thereafter, he would invite those trusting God for jobs to come forward for prayers. By the following Sunday, people would come and testify. Today, he is a very successful pastor, not because he is clever. With just one verse of scripture, his church is overflowing. Have you found out why you were born? Do you know what God wants to reveal through your life?

If only you can allow God to have His way in your life, you will become outstanding. Let him have his way!

Bible in One year: Exod. 28-31

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