HEARING WELL? Monday 6 June

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the LORD hath made even both of them.” (Prov. 20:12).

READ: Proverbs 20:12

God can control what is heard by people. In 2 Kings 7:1-20, He made the Syrian army to hear the sound of a mighty invasion of enemy forces. One lesson here is that there is always a chain of fear except around God. The Israelites were afraid of their enemies—the Syrians who besieged them, while they in turn were afraid of the Hittites and Egyptians. This means that those you fear also have those they fear, who also are afraid of others and so on. When those you fear are attacked by those they fear, you will be free. In fact, you will benefit immensely from their defeat as it happened in Samaria. There will be lots of spoils for you to take home. Ask God to keep your enemies under perpetual harassment, oppression and torment by those they fear, since this will be to your advantage.

While driving around our camp ground in the United States recently, my son, who took me around on the first day of my visit, reminded me of something I earlier told him. Years ago, while driving around the same ground, we came by a particular house and the Lord told me, “Son, that is your house”. I told this son of mine but could not bring myself to tell the white owner lest he pointed his gun at me. After some years, the owner of the house called us and declared his intention to sell the house to me. My son told him I had said so several years earlier. Then the man’s wife asked him, “Why did you not tell us earlier? We have been struggling with the idea to sell or not for so long. At least we could have been saved the trouble”. God’s Word will come to pass in your life no matter how long it has taken.

Besides controlling who hears what, God can also decide whether an individual will hear or not. Proverbs 20:12 says, “The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the LORD hath made even both of them”. Apart from making the ear, it is God who makes the ear to hear. Some have ears but cannot hear when God is speaking. The first time I heard a man of God say “Thus says the Lord…”, I asked the fellow beside me: “When did God say what the person prophesying claims He said?” Do you hear Him speaking, or are you in doubt like I once was? The Lord will open your ears to hear His voice. Your ears are not functioning well if you can hear everyone else, but cannot hear the One who made those ears. Are you having problems hearing physically? I command healing to come upon your ears today. You will hear well from now on.

Father, keep my oppressors under perpetual harassment, oppression and torment of their oppressors, so that they will abandon their satanic mission against me.

Bible in One year: Matt 20-22

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