LOOK UP Monday 23 May

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.” (Psalm 121:1).

READ: Psalm 121:1-8

When God intervenes in unpleasant situations, it is usually in ways we least expected, because His ways are very different from ours. Many years ago, while rounding up my doctorate programme, I wrote my Ph.D. dissertation, and sent it for binding at the university press. I needed N50 to collect the bound copies but I did not have the money. Then I remembered that, I had deposited N50 out of the scholarship I was earlier given as research grant by the university with my Head of Department (HOD). So I met him to request for the N50 balance, but he refused, saying that the money was for collecting materials from other universities. I told him I have done all that, yet he insisted on not releasing it to me. Meanwhile, the following day was the deadline for the submission. On reaching home that night, I told my wife that I was in trouble. We cried unto God that night as we had nobody to meet for help. And, since we could not sleep, we sat up. About 1:00am, someone knocked at our door. He said he owed me some money three years before and that he has now come to pay it. Then he gave me N50. While I was expecting assistance from my head of Department, help came from elsewhere. Are you in dire need of divine intervention? The Lord will make a way for you this season. God is free to use any method, but you can be certain, He will definitely step into your matter.

In 1979, while preparing for the Congress, we were expected to feed all those who attended, so I went with my wife to the market to know the price of the three cows we intended to use. We were told the three cows will cost us N750. That was a lot of money in those days. We did not have that kind of money so we began to pray. Suddenly, someone knocked at the door. He was a brother who had travelled a long distance to meet us. He said he hoped we had not bought cows as he had already purchased three cows for us. Praise God! God still meets the needs of His beloved. Are you God’s beloved? Do you fully put your trust in Him? The Lord will make a way for you this season. Just look up to Him and Him alone, and help will locate you from any direction He approves for you.

When in need look up to God. Pray: Father, henceforth, make the looting of Nigeria’s treasury totally unpopular. Let past looters return all they stole by force.

Bible in One year: Ezek. 28-30

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