Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corruptly by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” (Dan. 11:32).

READ: Mark 1:40-45

When God moves you from the level of merely being blessed to becoming a blessing, you will be able to affect individuals, communities, cities, nations and the entire world. May God’s blessing on you never be limited to you but flow to others. Scripture gives us some specific ways to impact others. Daniel 11:32 says knowledge of God can promote exploits. If you have received Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour, whether recently or over the years, you would have known or experienced God to some degree hence, God wants you to use such a knowledge or experience to benefit His Kingdom and change the lives of those around you. Have you used what you have known about God for the benefit of your neighbours?

Let’s say for instance, you know God as the Great Physician (Exodus 15:26). When He performs an operation, unlike human doctors, no blood is spilled. The first operation that was ever done was by this God. It was performed on Adam in the Garden of Eden and there was no blood or scar left afterwards (Gen. 2:21-23). Psalm 107:20 says this Great Physician is so powerful that all He has to do is speak and a healing takes place. 1 Peter 2:24 tells us that He has already fully paid for the healing of the nations by the stripes He received. You know these truths about God, and you have even benefited from the healing that comes from Him. However, so many people out there are ignorant of this. They are still running helter-skelter because they do not know what to do, especially when the situation is beyond medical science. What God expects from you is to use what you know about Him as the Great Physician in such a way as to provide healing to those who are ignorant. That is, you should speak up and tell them of the God that can heal and type of sickness or disease. Share with them the testimonies of those He has already healed—preferably people with similar health conditions and encourage them to come to Him and receive their healing. Many people who could have received their healing through your testimony are dying. Stop this from happening and become a channel of blessing to them!

In today’s reading, a leper met the Lord and he was healed. Then the Lord told him to tell no one. The man must have laughed within him, and said ‘How can a leper like me who lived in the bush for several years fail to tell people what the Lord did for me?’ He therefore told everyone everywhere he went of the healing and many responded by going to Jesus and they too were healed. This season, help people to receive their miracles by pointing them to Jesus. You will be highly rewarded for this.

Being a blessing is all about using God’s gifts in your life to point others to the Giver. How many people have you pointed to the Saviour this year? Lead some souls to Christ this weekend.

Bible in One year: Lev. 17-19

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