Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted.” (Ps. 107:17).

READ: Psalm 107:17-19

Not eating right and ignorance of the causes of sickness can lead one into sickness. For instance, if you do not know that sharing needles or razor blades with others can be an avenue for transmitting the HIV/AIDS virus, you may continue to do so and in the process, contract it. There are many people who contracted the virus from such media and not out of sexual activity. In addition, foolishness is a major cause of sickness among believers. If after acquiring the relevant knowledge or information on the causes of sicknesses, you fail to apply that knowledge appropriately and become a victim of that sickness, it is due to foolishness. The nonchalant attitude of many Christians has given them the sickness that sin could not deliver to them.

If, after being warned against sharing needles and razor blades, one still goes to a barbing salon to share barbing instruments, or a student joins a campus cult that initiates him with the same needle used on several others, sooner than later, such will soon be diagnosed to be HIV-positive. The person who knows that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are contracted through sex and goes ahead to engage in extramarital sexual relations, is only courting such sickness; this is foolishness. Do you know that most of the diseases plaguing many today could have been avoided if only the victims adhered to the instructions they were earlier given about them?

Closely allied to foolishness is presumption. This has equally led many into sicknesses. Using faith as an excuse, some Christians do not adhere to any standard of hygiene whatsoever. Instead of purchasing very clean or treated water, they fetch dirty water from the well, pond or stream, pray over it and drink it, quoting Mark 16:18. God did not say you should be foolish or presumptuous. Don’t you think you are tempting God by such an action? Why can’t you boil that water, allow it to cool and thereafter filter it for drinking purposes? If you eat or drink something you know is poisonous or spoilt, be prepared to host the sickness you have invited. If you take a poisonous substance unknowingly, however, that scripture can apply. Are you inviting sicknesses or diseases by what you eat or drink? Stop that today

A believer must have and maintain a high level of hygiene.

Bible in One year: 2 Chron. 1-3

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