Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God;” (Rom. 4:20).

READ: Genesis 15:1-5

Over the ages, promises have been made. Some were kept while others were not. Some were made by men while others were made by God. When an insignificant person makes a big promise, he will need to connect to the inexhaustible and unlimited God in order to bring it into fruition. It takes a great God to make and keep great promises. Every promise the Lord has made to you shall come to pass this season in Jesus name.

One beneficiary of God’s great promises was Abraham. While still battling with barrenness of several years, God called him outside one night and asked him to count the stars. He counted until he lost count and told God there was no way he could count all the stars in the sky. ‘Really? So shall your children be uncountable’, God replied. This was a great promise to a barren man. After waiting fruitlessly, God came again one day and told him his children will be as the sand on the sea shore (Gen. 17:15-18). Although at some point, his wife Sarah laughed yet, they still held on to that promise and today several billions of Jews, Christians and Muslims claim to be children of Abraham—a hitherto childless man! What has the God of Abraham promised you that appears impossible today? Hold on in faith and it will come to pass.

Romans 4:16-22 tells us that Abraham earned his highly coveted prize—the Father of Believers (Rom 4:11). A close look at this passage reveals some of the traits we can adopt in order to realize God’s promises to us. He had hope in hopeless situation. Can you still trust God for healing of that so-called terminal disease diagnosed by your doctor? Also, although his faith went through storms, he did not allow himself to be boxed into a state of permanent weakness. If you have resigned yourself to fate, it shows that your faith is experiencing permanent weakness. This is highly dangerous for the one who is expecting God to fulfil a great promise in his or her life. In addition, he ignored the negative evidences of his body and that of Sarah. Whenever you acknowledge negative circumstances, God’s promise will gradually become a mirage. If, however, you want God’s great promises fulfilled in your life, be like Father Abraham. Is your faith weak? Have you given up hope? Rise up and continue from where you stopped.

Ask God for the grace not to be weak in faith until you achieve your goal.

Bible in one year: Lev. 14-16

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