RETURN! Friday 18 March

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “If thou return to the Almighty, thou shalt be built up, thou shalt put away iniquity far from thy tabernacles.” (Job 22:23)

READ: Ruth 1:19-22

There are vital things to know about economy-based famines. Taking unguarded steps during a famine can cause irreversible losses. One period you must be extremely careful, thoughtful and take Spirit-led decisions is during a famine. In Genesis 12:10-17, Abraham experienced a famine. He did not seek God’s face concerning the cause and how to overcome it. He simply applied his sixth sense and decided to relocate to Egypt. That trip could have cost him the mother of his heir—Sarah. He had indeed lost her; it took divine intervention for her to be restored. He could have avoided all the embarrassment. Today, when some people face a famine, they still follow Abraham’s example by relocating to a better city, state, or nation, without consulting God. How do you know where you are going is better? A place may be generally good for the average person, but it may be worst for you. The time to be very meticulous about relocating is when you are experiencing a famine.

Another person who suffered a great loss during a famine was Naomi. In Ruth 1:15, the Israeli nation faced a famine. Instead of consulting with God, Elimelech—Naomi’s husband—did not. He took his wife and two sons and headed for the land of Moab. Yes, he got food there but the years spent in that land were most horrifying! Elimelech soon died. Thereafter, Naomi encouraged her two sons to marry. They did but 10 years later, the sons died. She lost everything she came with whereas most of those she left behind in Judah were alive and well. Her relocation in that famine was like moving from frying pan into fire. When she returned to Israel, those she left could barely recognize her. Yet, because she returned, God still gave her a good end. There are many people who have left their nation’s shores in order to escape some famine and like Naomi, they returned empty. Out of shame, many have continued in such lands. Yet, like Naomi, they need to retrace their steps and the Lord will recognize their latter end. Are you a victim of this? Return to God by accepting Him into your life. Then, prayerfully consider a return. The Lord will order your steps aright. God can cause you to have your financial breakthrough on your return.

To prevent or reduce loss to its barest minimum during a famine, stay with God.

Bible in One year: Nahum 1-3

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