Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

MEMORIZE: “He brought them forth also with silver and gold: and there was not one feeble person among their tribes.” (Psalm 105:37)

READ: Psalm 105:36-38

The Holy Communion is a powerful meal. When God was about to lead His children from Egypt into the promise Land, a journey of several years, He looked at their state. This was not a journey for the sickly or weak person. There was no way they could leave the aged, the children, the sick, the injured, the pregnant women or nursing mothers behind; all had to go at the same time. While the strong and healthy looked forward to that journey, the weak, sick and feeble did not. No sick person in right mind would want to embark on such a laborious journey. So, in order to achieve complete wellness, total healing and fitness, God gave them a meal. The night they took the Passover meal, all sickness disappeared from their bodies. Weakness, tiredness and pains were replaced by divine strength. Suddenly, those who were not looking forward to the journey immediately packed their bags and baggages ready to march out. In one night, a nation was healed! What a meal! Is there a journey or project you are about to embark on but lack the strength, wisdom, clear vision and other resources to start? Do you know that if you can key into the next communion with faith, all you need to embark on that journey would be provided?

Another lesson here is that if a nation can be healed, then whole states can be healed; whole cities can be healed; whole communities and villages can be healed; whole lineages can be healed; whole tribes can be healed; also, whole families can be healed. You and your family are not designed to be weak but to be strong. If members of your family—nuclear and extended—can call on the Lord, receive Him into their hearts and take the Holy Communion in faith, they can all be healed. With one uncommon meal God can heal you, your family, and lineage, of a generational curse. As you go to take the Holy Communion this season, ask the Lord to use that single meal to deliver multiple healings or deliverances to you and your family.

The Holy Communion is a stone that can kill several birds. Partake of it wisely.

Bible in One year: Mark 11-13

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