CHRIST WITH YOU Thursday 27 January

Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

“Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the LORD.” (Jer. 1:8).

READ: 1 Samuel 17:34-37

The phrase Christ ‘with’ you bespeaks divine partnership. When God sent Moses to liberate the children of Israel, he wondered how he could do that. So, the Lord assured him that He was going to be with him (Exodus 3:11-12). If God is with you, there will be no limitation to your achievements. Some people work ‘for’ God but not ‘with’ God. When you work for God, there may be some sense of detachment from the work, maybe with just profit and reward in mind. That is the situation of the hireling. If you are in the ministry because of what you can make out of it for yourself, you are simply working ‘for’ God. According to John 10:12-13, the hireling cannot afford to stake his life for the sheep. Working with God on the other hand talks of mutual commitment between you and God. In such a case, the Kingdom assignments gets done gloriously.

When the Lord told Joshua, Moses’ servant, that he was to step into Moses’ shoes, fear gripped him. His only comfort was God’s assurance that he will be with him just like He was with Moses (Joshua 1:1-8). When Christ is with you, there will be nothing to fear—not even the unfriendly faces of your opponents. In Jeremiah 1:8, God asked young Jeremiah not to be afraid of the faces of people he would send him to because He was going to be with Him. Christ with you suggests a very strong abiding presence of the Most High. It was the presence of God with David that saw him through his battles with the bear, and with the lion. When King Saul expressed doubts about David’s ability to fight Goliath, the young lad’s only assurance was that the presence of God had delivered him in the past. If God is with you, you can confront any Goliath; you can take on any impossible assignment and come out victorious. With God’s presence, you will be fighting not in your limited strength or devices but in His unlimited might and resources. Is Christ with you? Whatever happens in your life, ensure you never lose His presence. That is the only thing that makes the difference.


The name Emmanuel means ‘God with us’. When Christ is with you, God is in your midst. Ensure He is always with you.

Bible in One year:
Phil. 1-4

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