Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Memorise: O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? 1 Corinthians 15:55

Read: Isaiah 49:24-26

The most High God being the President of presidents can overrule any earthly president, sickness and situation. He can also overrule death. When the Most High arrived at the tomb of Lazarus, he was already stinking. If there was one victory death was sure of, it was that he had already conquered Lazarus. The Lord did not command death to release Lazarus. He was too high to be discussing with death. He simply asked Lazarus to come (John 11:39-44). When He came in contact with Jairus’s late daughter, all He said was “Little girl, I say to you arise”. At the bedside of the late son of the widow of Nain He said: “Young man, I say t you arise”. Have you been programmed for death by your enemies? I cancel that appointment with death in the name of Jesus Christ. You shall not die. Are you already battling with death on your sick bed? In the name of Jesus Christ, that death is annulled. Receive fresh life now! Every spirit of death sent against your family is overruled now. That barren womb, receive life now! That dying business, receive life now! That business shall boom again. That dull, lifeless brain, be replaced with a brand new brain now in Jesus name.

When you are connected to the Most High God, you do not fear death or his agents –armed robbers, hired assassins, demons, witches and wizards, accidents, stray bullets, etc. Wherever the agents of death have met to plan your destruction, their evil plan shall boomerang in Jesus name. In this vein, Isaiah 49:24-26 says when God has decided to set a man free and some people team up to stop God’s move, He will cause them to feed on their own flesh and be drunk with their own blood as if drinking sweet wine. In other words, it is who the Most High releases that death can take. Anyone He has not released to death cannot be killed. The Lord has not released you to death and so you shall not die. Since the Spirit of God dwells in you, He shall quicken every part of your body to life now. Receive life now! It is well with you.

Rejoice and thank God for giving you victory over death.
Bible in one year: Exodus 18-20

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