Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Memorise: It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes. Psalms 118:9.
Read: Psalms 118:7-9
The famine in Samaria described in 2 kings 6:25-33 was so bad that cannibalism became an option for survival. A woman went to seek help from the king. But how could a king who could not help himself assist another? In a time of famine, looking up to man can be a very futile endeavor and yield a frustrating experience. While everyone in the city including the king panicked, Elisha sat comfortably in his house. God supernaturally made a way for him in the famine. If you fear God, He can single you out and provide for you while others are experiencing a famine. God can bless your business beyond measure that other people will come to ask how you are doing it. That shall be your portion this season in Jesus name. While Elisha was relaxed in his house, the elders of the city came to meet him for help. Eventually, the king also came to the house of the man of God where he got a word from God, which solved their problems.
Are you going through a famine situation and yet you keep away from God’s house or from God? You are not yet ready to come out of it! In the time of lack, hunger and disappointments, who do you run to? If you run to God, you can be sure He will solve your problems. A time of suffering is a time to remember God. It is possible that if you had remembered him earlier, you might not be going through that unpleasant situation. A time of hardship is a time to call on God’s servant to help you with prayers of intercession. You will also observe that God did nothing about the famine situation until the elders and also the king came to His servant. When the leaders of a nation turn to God but their head refuses to, God may not take them too serious. But when the head together with the leaders under him turn to God, the Lord will answer speedily. We do not know for how long the elders of Samaria were with Elisha, but as soon as the king joined them, a prophetic word was provoked. For God to take your family more seriously, do not rest until both parents and all members of your family are saved.
Pray for those in trouble, who have run to the wrong places for solution, to be redirected to where their solutions are.
Bible in one year: James 1-2

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