Open Heavens Devotional by Pastor E.A. Adeboye
Memorise: Many days and years shall ye be troubled, ye careless women: for the vintage shall fail, the gathering shall not come. Isaiah 32:10
Read: Judges 16:4-6
Not everyone will be able to enter into the rest prepared for them even after years of waiting. Some were so close yet for certain reasons they missed their time. May you not miss your time in Jesus name. One such person, who missed out on a great destiny was King Saul (1 Samuel 15:10-30). He was very shallow in his walk with God. Nothing ever bothered him except to be honoured by men. Just imagine: what if he had repented sincerely and obeyed God completely? We would have been hearing of the exploits of King Saul and not David. David came onto the scene after Saul failed. How is your attitude to God and the things of the Spirit? A particular minister of God was being considered to head a parish. He was dutiful but he was never bothered about spiritual matters. He had pending issues to handle but still did not take them serious. At some point, his pastor called him and warned him about his bad attitude and that if he did not tidy up the pending issues, he would not be sent to head the parish. He was given enough time to do so, yet in his characteristic manner, he left the work undone. When it was time to send a minister to head the new parish, a younger minister was sent, yet he was not bothered.
If the things of God do not bother you, what will? If you are so carefree and nonchalant about the things of the Kingdom, you will most likely miss out of God’s plan for your life. Another person who missed it at the prime of his life was Samson (Judges 16:1-21). His problem was that he was blinded by the level of anointing on his life. He could not sense when trouble was coming. How could he not realize that divine tolerance is not the same as divine approval? How come he could not even sense that Delilah wanted to know the secret of his power so that he could lose it, even after she plainly said so (Judges 16:6)? This was a case of seeing a pit right in front of you yet stepping into it. Are many believers not taking God and His graces for granted today? Are they not toying with the Consuming Fire by sleeping with other people’s wives or husbands? Are you still in faith? Where are you missing it today? Repent!
God documents your attitude to Him and His work. Drop any attitude that will work against you.
Bible in one year: Isaiah 52-54

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